Services provided by “KERAS – Culture & Development” cover the whole range of support and management in the areas of Culture and Development.
Our activation and involvement extends from the initial stage (“concept”), to the structure and preparation of the proposal/bid, to the organization, promotion, design and application of the funding policy and, finally, to the project implementation and evaluation.


  • Schedule, organization, management and implementation of various types of cultural events,
  • Production, promotion and publicity of cultural projects of any kind,
  • Cultural Development and Historical Studies,
  • Organised visits in Archaeological and Historical Sites,
  • Implementation of Cultural and Urban / Regional Development projects, programs and initiatives,
  • Consultancy and scientific services, to several enterprises, organization and operational research studies,
  • Civil engineering studies and services, interior architecture plans and designs, specialized design projects, as well as preservation and restoration studies for buildings and complexes,
  • Any other service related with Culture, Tourism and Development.


CEO & Legal Representative

Costas Karberis

(BA, BSc, PhD)

Born in Athens. Studied Civil Engineering and Interior Architecture. His PhD in Edinburgh College of Art introduces and deals with the concept of “Community Museum”.

He speaks English and Italian.

His professional experience and expertise lays on the fields of Regional Development and Cultural Management, focused on the establishment of cultural networks. Additionally, he is professionally experienced in restoration, preservation and re-use of buildings and built complexes.


Enterprising Philosophy


Effectiveness, in social and economic terms, of every collective form of creativity, based on the interaction of all individual contributors, guarantees the performance of the scheduled plan. Interaction of activities in any sector, therefore in the sector of cultural creation, results the expected aim, with respect to the measurable objectives, as well as the establishment of sustainability.

Predominant examples of interacted cultural projects are “festivals”, non-the-less a variety of regional cultural activities: municipality theaters, folk and thematic museums, local initiatives (individual new artists, cultural cooperatives and organizations etc.). The whole range of projects is the active module of cultural creativity, proving that people produce civilization, endlessly, every single day. Organization and management of this network, is a major challenge, towards sustainability.

KERAS responds to this challenge, with the long-standing experience of our partners and outsource experts, specialized in the fields of cultural projects management and overall support.


The Company’s scope fully complies with the protection of “collective goods” within the Notion of “Social Economy”.